Meet our Founder

In 2015, while in school training to become a Practitioner, one of Diana’s assignment was to do a random act of kindness.  Sitting with this, it came to her to feed the homeless.  This became a weekly act of kindness, preparing sack lunches, distributing them to homeless citizens in strip malls, abandoned houses and parks. As she talked with them, she discovered there were also homeless Veterans without VA assistance.

It became evident that the Veterans needed an “Advocate” to assist with getting their benefits from VA, at which time Diana’s brother relocated to Atlanta needing assistance from VA also.  As the process began with her brother, knowledge was acquired to assist other homeless Veterans in getting their benefits.

This was the inspiration to start My Opulent Place, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide safe transitional housing for homeless Veterans in the Metro Atlanta area. The organization assist with connecting participants with health and wellness community services to pursue economic self-sufficiency.

Today, MOP is supported by diverse community and corporate partners, several organizations and volunteers.